How Much Does Kim Kimble Charge For A Haircut?

When customers come in, they should have already washed, dried, and removed any styling products from their hair. The hair is not included in the service. Customers have the option of purchasing tape-ins by the piece at a rate of $10 each piece or purchasing full-head treatment, which includes 22 pieces and costs $220.

Why choose Kimble Hair Studio?

  1. The Kim Hair studio is always up for the challenge, whether the customer is searching for a superb haircut that will complement the form of their face or a weave that they will wear.
  2. When it comes to this particular form of consultation, the service in question is afterwards tacked on to the following consultation that the customer selects.
  3. The Kimble Hair Studio provides a range of services to meet the requirements of a variety of hair style applications.

How much is Kim Kimble worth?

Kim Kimble is an American celebrity hair stylist who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Kimble is known for her work styling the hair of celebrities.

Who is Kim Kimble and what is her profession?

In addition to being a great businesswoman, she runs her own profitable brand, Kim Kimble. She attended the Universal College of Beauty, where she was awarded her license, and she completed her education there in the year 1990. She is currently working as her mother’s shampoo lady, which she believes to be her first job.