How Much Is A Haircut At Sharkey’S?

It is estimated that the price of a haircut at Sharkey’s for both boys and girls is $22. The cost of a haircut for the moms is $35, while the cost of a haircut for the men is around $22.

Initial Haircut Costs: $ 28 Includes all of the services that are included in the Boy’s Cut or the Girl’s Cut, in addition to a souvenir lock of hair contained within a zipper bag, a first haircut certificate, and a photo.

How much does it cost to get your hair cut at Sharkey?

Prices for boys start at $15 and go up from there. They have shark and Sharkey edge-up in their arsenal. When it comes to young ladies, the price range begins at ten dollars. The price of bangs is the same, ten dollars, whether you get a new one or just have the one you have trimmed. About $27 will be required from you in order to complete the Glamour package.

Why Sharkey’s cuts for kids?

Join the team at Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids now!Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids is the industry leader when it comes to providing ″Glamour Girl″ birthday parties and kid’s haircuts, and they offer a sense of fun, excitement, and professionalism to all of their services.Our goal is to deliver professional services in an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and interesting, and our staff members are both kind and experienced.

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What hair products does Sharkey’s cuts use?

Products from Sharkey’s Cuts salon that are priced between $17 and $34 can be purchased there.One example is Shark’s Fruity Fizz.There are several goods available that are comparable to Swin With the Sharks, and their prices are around the same.

There are several products available, such as hair sprays, detanglers, hair sprays, and style gels.In addition to that, Hannah’s Curly Curls is a mousse specifically designed for curls.

What is an experience at Sharkey’s?

An Experience! The price of each haircut includes a wash, a trim, a blow-dry, a Tween Lounge, fun seats, game stations with Xbox One and PS4, mini-cure and glamour rings, Sharkey dollars and bookmarks, balloons, lollipops, and of course tons of fun, smiles, and fantastic hairstyles! Experience Sharkey’s in All Its 3D Glory Today!