How Much Is A Haircut At Walmart?

What kind of prices might one expect to pay for a haircut at Wal-Mart? The price of a haircut begins at $15.50, but the remainder of the procedure is determined by the styles and haircuts that you choose. Does Smart Style do perms?

Get a $9.99 adult haircut at your SmartStyle hair service, situated within Walmart.

How much does a hair salon cost at Walmarts?

This salon is not only convenient since it can be found at most Walmarts around the country, but it is also affordable because the prices are so low. The price of an adult haircut at SmartStyle begins at $18.95 and goes higher from there depending on the service that the customer choose.

What is the name of the haircut in Walmart?

The place where you may have your hair cut inside of Walmart is called Smartstyle Hair Salon, and it is located there. 6. Can you tell me the difference between getting your hair cut and getting your hair styled? There is a substantial amount of differentiation between various cuts and styles of hair.

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How much does an express haircut cost at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can get a fast haircut for just $15.97, with a minimum price of $3.00 if shampoo is included in the service. For just $ 22.97, you can get your hair trimmed, shampooed, and given some simple style options.

How much does a SmartStyle haircut cost?

The price of a SmartStyle haircut goes up to $18.50 when you get it with a shampoo and an instant blow-dry as well.When compared to this, the price at Cost Cutters is $18, the price at Great Clips is $19, the price at Supercuts is from $20 to $22, and the price at Fantastic Sams is around $27.The cost of colors in Walmart hair salons is around $50, which is comparable to the prices charged at other salons.

How much does it cost to cut your hair at Walmart?

How much is a stylist at Walmart? SmartStyle salons, which are only at Walmart, charge roughly $15 for an adult haircut, and the price escalates, depending on optional services, such as color or further style. The average price for an Express Haircut is $15.50. Adult Cut & Express Dry is $18.50.

How much does a normal haircut cost?

According to our research, the price range for a haircut ranges anywhere from $40 to $66 on average throughout the country. The majority of haircuts will set you back around $53 on average. However, the outcome is contingent on a number of different elements.

How much does a shampoo and set cost?

Price List and Services Offered at the Hair Salon

Haircut with blowdry $35
Shampoo & Set $26
Up Do’s, starting at: $65
Conditioning Treatment $17
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How much does Walmart charge for a perm?

Prices at the Walmart Hair Salon vary from $15.50 for an Express Haircut to higher tiers. The haircuts and other hair services that are provided at the Walmart Hair Salon are of the highest possible quality. Prices at Walmart’s Hair Salon in the Year 2022

Walmart Hair Salon Haircut Prices
Perm $44.95
Relaxer – virgin $49.95
Specialty Style $26.95
Style – includes shampoo $14.95

How much should a man pay for a haircut?

According to the findings of the Professional Beauty Association, the typical price of a haircut for a man in the United States is $28. In urban and metropolitan areas such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, prices have a tendency to be significantly higher overall.

How much is a shave?

But if you want your barber to shave you with a straight razor, expect to pay between $40 and $45 at each visit to the barbershop. This is the cost of getting a traditional wet shave. This indicates that the expense of shaving will go up according to the number of times you get your beard shaved in a single week.

How often should you get a haircut?

The majority of industry professionals are in agreement that you should get your hair trimmed at least four times per year. It’s possible that you may get away with cutting your hair less frequently if it’s in good health and you prefer to wear it long. However, it is recommended that you get it thinned down at least three times a year and that any split ends be clipped off.

How much does hair tinsel cost?


UPDOS $65+
STYLING /W CURLING (blow dry not included) $45+
CHILDREN’S UPDOS (under 10) $35+
FAIRY HAIR (5 strands of tinsel) $20+
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What does hair set mean?

They are doing a process known as ″wash and set,″ which entails adding a setting lotion to the hair, rolling it up in rollers, and drying it carefully before styling it in a manner that creates beautiful curls. Nonetheless, there are certain schools of hairdressing that do not teach the method any longer.

What is a blowout for hair?

A blowout is the technique of drying hair after it has been washed in order to produce a smooth and sleek look, style, and feel. No curling or flat ironing of the hair is involved in this process.

How much is a perm for short hair?

The cost of getting your hair permed in a beach wave style can range anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the length of your hair. Plain curl perms are often less expensive than the spiral version, whether you are familiar with normal perms and spiral perms. How much does it cost to get a perm?

Perm Type Average Cost
Medium Hair $90-200
Short Hair $40-100

How long does a Walmart perm last?

It lasts for nearly half a year. I never go without getting my hair trimmed by a professional. Had always purchased the perm directly at the Walmart store; but, during the past few months, it has not been available for purchase there.

How long does a perm last?

The length of time that your perm will remain effective can range anywhere from two months to ten months, depending on the type of perm you have, the hair care routine you stick to, and how rapidly your hair grows.