How To Cut A Feathered Haircut?

  • To get the feather cut, first the hair is pulled upwards toward the crown of the head, and then a V-shape is cut into it (with the bottom point of the V in the center of the head).
  • As a result, the feather cut has hair that is of a lesser length in the middle of the head and gradually grows longer as it moves toward the side of the head.
  • Farrah Fawcett was a fashionista who favored the feather cut.

What is the best cut for feather effect?

  • This step cut is the ideal method for accomplishing that goal.
  • The feathered impression created by the layers is perfect for hair that is shoulder length or longer because it causes the ends to curve outward while maintaining a crisp appearance.
  • Short hair that has been styled into a bob is a chic option to having long hair feathered, despite the fact that long hair could be regarded the ideal for feathered hair.