How To Cut A Pixie Haircut With Clippers?

You should only trim along the neckline, and you should avoid cutting too close to your ears since it might cause the hair on the sides of your head to become excessively short. To get an uniform length throughout your pixie cut when you’re trimming all of your hair but don’t want any length on top, run the clippers over your entire head while combing them through your hair.

How do you style pixie Pixie hair?

Because the pixie cut is meant to be playful and irreverent, most people will only require a basic blowout to get the look. A small amount of hair wax or pomade can be used to create even more volume in the spikes. If, after drying your hair, it appears to be unruly, you may smooth it down with the help of a style cream or foam.

Does a pixie cut grow out?

Because it is cut so short, a pixie cut takes a time to grow out, but getting frequent trims can help you get through the uncomfortable stages that come along with it. You may, for instance, keep the hair around your ears and on your neck short while allowing the hair on top of your head to grow out.