How To Cut Pixie Haircut Step By Step?

  1. The following are the steps to get a pixie cut: When cutting the back, you should begin cutting with moist hair that has been previously trimmed to the length of your shoulder blades
  2. You may refine your hairline around the neck by pulling the hair with the comb and forming a V-shape with your middle and fore fingers
  3. Using the handle of the rat’s-tail comb, you will need to separate the front and back sections of the hair on your head

How do you make a tapered pixie cut?

For instance, if you lopped off a quarter of an inch (0.8 cm) from the side of your hair that hangs over one of your ears, you need ensure that you lop off the same amount when you cut the hair that surrounds your head. After you have finished going all the way around your head, you may create a tapered pixie cut by trimming the hair that is lower down on your head.

Do pixie cuts cut the sides of your head?

The sides of the hair on some pixie cuts are kept quite short, while on others the sides are left a few inches longer than the neckline. If you want the hair on the sides of your head to be extremely short, all you need to do is use the same guard that you used to cut the hair along the neckline.

Can You Rock a pixie cut?

It takes self-assurance and a certain amount of moxie to pull off a pixie cut.Check out the pictures in our guide below for inspiration if you’re thinking about getting your hair cut into this particular type of a crop style.What Is an Example of a Pixie Cut?What Is an Example of a Pixie Cut?Every woman has, at some point in her life, entertained the idea of balding herself.Not only to the shoulders or to a bob that reaches the chin.