How To Do A Layered Haircut?

  1. Prepare your hair so that you may add layers. Start with hair that has been cleaned and dampened, as it is more difficult to maintain control of the length of the hair while it is wet
  2. Bring all of your hair together on the crown of your head. Maintain the ponytail at the very top of your head, on the flat part that is located near the rear of the top of your head
  3. The elastic should be moved down the ponytail. Hold the ponytail in place with one hand as you slip the elastic down with the other hand until it is a few inches from the base of the ponytail
  4. Remove the end of the ponytail by cutting it. Keep your grip on the elastic band to prevent it from working its way loose
  5. Examine your layers. Using this technique will result in a few face-framing layers being created in the front, and longer layers being created in the rear

How do you do a straight cut with layers of hair?

All you need to do is separate off the unlayered part of your hair from the rest and make some higher layers. To make the layers, take vertical sections of hair, overdirect them upward, and then cut straight across. It may be particularly unpleasant when your layers are too short.

What is an example of a long layered haircut?

The layers on the top of the head will be shorter than the layers on the sides and in the neck area since all of the hair will be elevated to the same vertical elevation. Farrah Fawcett’s signature hairdo from the 1970s, which included a long cut with layers, is a superb illustration of the long-layered cut.