How To Fix Uneven Haircut?

TheSalonGuy’s Step-by-Step Guide to Evening Out an Uneven Haircut at Home Comb a thin, vertical portion of your hair upward, beginning at the top of your head where your crown is located. When you start combing from the bottom of the area, firmly grip the hair with your fingers before you start combing. As you move the part of hair upward with the comb, your fingers should go along with it.

How to fix a bad haircut?

How to make a terrible haircut seem better: 1. Wash your hair and let it dry in a straight position. Even if you don’t usually keep your hair straight, Mistry adds that clean, straight hair will show off the cut the best and help you readily determine where the problem areas are. This is true even if you don’t often wear your hair straight.

How to cover bad hair that has gone bad?

You won’t have to keep them in for very long since after about a month, your hair will have grown in and become more established. Curling, crimping, or crumpling your hair is the most effective approach to conceal the fact that your recent haircut was a mistake after it has already been made.