What Haircut To Get When Growing Hair?

  • Following in the footsteps of the bob is the illustrious shag haircut, a style that has been favored by fashionable celebrities all over the world, such as Alexa Chung.
  • Because the appearance is based on an undone messiness – which means that if your hair is of varied lengths, it only functions to accentuate the style – this hairstyle is ideal for growing out hair because the whole premise of the look is an undone messiness.

The taper haircut is a trendy style that has longer hair along the sides and back of the head. This is an ideal choice for those who are growing their hair out.

Can you get a haircut in between growing it out?

When you have your haircut in the interim while growing it out, you should discuss a strategy with your barber for growing these sections of your hair out to the same length as the rest of your hair. This may need you to refrain from touching the sides of your hair for a while and instead only trim the fringe or leave other portions of your hair shorter until it catches up.

How can I make a difference in my haircut?

Getting the hair around the ears cleaned up, pulling the hair on the back of the neck up, and trimming the ends will make a significant impact. You want the style of your hair to seem deliberate while you are growing it out so that it doesn’t just end up looking like a longer version of your prior haircut.