What Is A Pageboy Haircut?

  • The pageboy cut is an extremely short and geometric style that is distinguished by its clean lines.
  • The cut is versatile and may be styled at a variety of lengths, with or without bangs, and in a variety of vivid colors.
  • The most crucial characteristic of the pageboy haircut is its sharp and distinct lines; if the pageboy haircut is to be worn with bangs, then they need to be trimmed in an exceedingly straight fashion.

What is the best way to cut a pageboy haircut?

Your bangs should be trimmed into a circular shape at the corners of your forehead if you want to have this short pageboy hairstyle. Keep the diagonal cut going until you reach the hair at the nape of the neck.

What is the best pageboy hairstyle for fair skin?

Haircut in the manner of a blonde pageboy If you have fair complexion, the hue platinum blonde will complement not only your beautiful eyes but also the freckles that decorate your face. Put on a bonnet hat and tuck the ends of your bangs under the crown of the hat. To achieve a more vintage look, turn your ends inside as you style them. 5. A Contemporary Take on the Pageboy Cut