When Should Puppy Get First Haircut?

  • There is a common misconception among people who own puppies that they should wait until their dogs are at least six months old before taking them to the groomer.
  • Because they are simpler to teach while they are younger, puppies should not be older than 16 weeks when they are brought home by their new owners.
  • They are required to have completed their vaccination schedule prior to having their first grooming appointment.

When can I Cut my Puppy’s first haircut?

When a puppy is six months old, it is the appropriate age to give it its first haircut. It is in your best interest to groom the puppy at home as well as having frequent sessions conducted by a professional dog groomer. Doing both will give you the finest possible results. The initial grooming of the puppy will be easier to handle as a result of this.

When do puppies get their adult coat?

Around the age of six months, pups will typically have grown into their adult coats. If the adult coat is not combed frequently enough, the puppy coat of some breeds does not fall out and instead remains entangled in the adult coat.

What should I expect at my first dog grooming appointment?

The very first time the puppy goes to the groomer, both the owner and the dog are learning about the world of grooming for the very first time. The grooming routine for the puppy will begin with a shampoo, followed by blow drying, nail cutting, and a mild trimming. When a puppy is brought in for its first grooming appointment, we do not advise getting all of its hair taken off.